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The story of my passion

The story of my passion for tcm started in 2002 during my sabbatical. I was in Laos and became ill for 3 days. After having eaten only 3 cookies and one bottle of water every day in my room, I decided to drag myself out of my room and seek help. I stumbled upon a buddhist temple where I sat down in the cooling shade. A monk had seen me and waved at some women, who then took me by the hand. We went to a place behind the temple where I got a 2 hour long massage with tiger balm and it was like I was reborn. No painful limbs, a clear mind and full of energy. How was this possible? How was it possible to communicate with hands and observation and make my mind and body better again? I was so impressed.

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As thus began my search and I found my way to Chinese Medicine. First I studied foot reflexology, tuina massage and accu-pressure. I also took a course in aromatherapy to support the body with essential oils. But it wasn’t enough. After a tcm training course in Kunming, China I realised that without knowledge of Mandarin, one never gets to actually understand tcm in depth, so I decided to study this first and then start my bachelor. I learned so much about herbal medicine, acupuncture, lifestyle habits.A world opened up and I keep learning with passion, it never stops. A world where you learn to listen, observe and feel the body in order to help people. A kind of medicine which defines itself as complementary with other kinds of medicine because it is holistic in its approach.

Annelies Espeel has been studying Chinese medicine since 2005. She started with a focus in tuina (chinese massage) which she was taught in Brussels, Belgium by a private teacher and at Institute Chuzhen, a TCM school in Paris, France. In July 2007 she had her first encounter with a Chinese hospital during a 3 week training course at the Yunnan TCM Hospital, Kunming, Yunnan province, China. It was on this course that she understood the need to learn Mandarin in order to get a more in depth knowledge of the ancient TCM books and to understand her teachers and their patients in China. She then studied Mandarin in Kunming, Yunnan province, China from 2008-2010. In July 2015 she obtained her five year bachelor degree in Chinese medicine at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. Since October 2015, Annelies is residing in Belgium woring as a Chinese medicine consultant.

Annelies Espeel is member of the Belgian Acupuncture Federation (BAF): member nr

renxin is short for rén xīn rén shù 仁心仁术. It's a Chinese idiom from Mencius 孟子 and means心地仁慈,医术高明 benevolent heart and skillful art of healing. Not only the art of learning from the ancient texts and keeping up to date with the newest Chinese medicine techniques and case studies, but also listening to and caring about its patients.