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acupuncture for kids

annelies espeel

Many of you have asked me if children can have acupuncture too.

The answer to this question is: sometimes.

When I am treating babies of toddlers, I mostly use moxa an paediatric tuina massage and  sliding cupping or scraping for the simple reason that children respond quickly and are very agile. They don't sit still, so basically having needles in for 25min is not possible.

However, in case of fever with babies, there are techniques with needling that make the fever calm down, but the needling happens very fast.

Some children accept being needled, but have difficulties sitting still, therefore I use scalp acupuncture, so the child can move around, carefully, but still have the benefits of the needling.

 I, mostly, see children for digestive and urinary problems, sometimes also for concentration issues.