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trends in global acupuncture publications 1988-2015

annelies espeel

In a study published in Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 80 (2017) and online in, written by Yen-Ying Kung , Shinn-Jang Hwang , et all in 2016 gives us a major analysis of the web of science database 1988-2015 for acupuncture publications.

This analysis shows that acupuncture is being published and that you can publicly view its results. There might not be as many publications as in western medicine, but we are increasing our data output and input as more of us are doing field research.


A total of 7450 articles were published in the field of acupuncture during the period of 1988 to 2015. Annual article publications increased from 109 in 1988 to 670 in 2015.

The People's Republic of China (published 2076 articles, 27.9%), USA (published 1638 articles,22.0%) and South Korea (published 707 articles, 9.5%) were the most abundantly prolific countries. Followed by England (published 630 articles, 8,5%) and Germany (published 480 articles, 6,4%).

According to the WoS subject categories,2591 articles (34.8%) were published in the category of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, followed by Neurosciences (1147 articles,15.4%), and General Internal Medicine (918 articles, 12.3%).

top ten journals worldwide that published acupuncture related articles (1988-2015) : Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative medicine, Acupuncture in Medicine, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, American Journal of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Electrotherapeutics Research, Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Neuroscience Letters, Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neural Regeneration Research.

if you would like to have the full article,%20680.pdf

in the meantime a similar article was published on PubMed by Yan Ma And Ming Dong : a 20 year (1995-2015) bibliometric analysis based of acupuncture publications. Read the full article below.

postnatale acupuncture

annelies espeel

A little more info on postnatale acupuncture.

In China the first month after giving birth is called the YUE ZI 月子; it's literally translated as "the month". It's the famous postpartum time where women have to regain their strength and energy and eliminate the remains of the pregnancy inside the uterus and strengthen back the pelvic muscles. Acupuncture can help you with this recovery in a swift and quick way without interfering with breastfeeding or harming the newly born baby. 

Day 1-3 is the elimination process. it's where we'll work of stimulation of blood circulation with acupuncture and herbs. Day 4-5 we'll use moxa or acupuncture to start your energy process getting back on track. During the first 30 days after having given birth it is good to come in once a week for boosting your energy levels.

If you've had a c-section, it's best to come in for recovery once or twice after the wound has healed to make sure the blood circulation is stimulated and there are no lumps around the wound left. self-massage with rose oil is also very important for healing the wounds.

breastfeeding can be troublesome for some women. If you have too much lactation or not enough, you can always come in for an acupuncture session. It will help you so much.

postnatale depression is something acupuncturists will handle with care. Using needling techniques and herbs that will not harm the baby. Best is to come once a week as soon as you feel your unhappiness or depression flaring up.

You can always contact me for more info or on my website