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the spark in the machine-- book review

annelies espeel

I recently read this book by  dr Daniel Keown "the spark in the machine or How science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine" published in 2014. 

To be honest I recommend every health practitioner and medical field related person to read this book. It's comprehensive and to the point.

It explains acupuncture through embryology and fascia and bio-energetic nodules. It makes acupuncture a little less weird for medical staff who have had no training with other traditional medicine.

official start

annelies espeel

As of October 1st I am now an official member of Belgian Acupuncture Federation and start working 2,5days per week in Moorsele, West-Flanders in Souldance as Chinese medicine consultant. Am very happy to start and will do so with lots of energy. 

Vanaf 1 oktober ben ik lid van de Belgian Acupuncture Federation en start ik in de groepspraktijk Souldance te Moorsele, West-Vlaanderen, 2,5 dagen per week. Ik ben heel blij en zal er met volle energie aan beginnen.

Dès le 1 octobre je suis devenue membre du Belgian Acupuncture Federation et je commence à travailler chez Souldance à Moorsele, Flandre de l'ouest, pendant 2,5 jours par semaine. Je suis très contente d'y commencer et je le ferai avec beaucoup d'énergie.