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summer: heatwaves and A/C colds

annelies espeel

We are in the middle of Summer and the Belgian July heatwave has just stopped last week. Temperatures dropped with 20C degrees and people are still in summer mode.

BE AWARE of dressing appropriately: cold- wind from the airconditioning and fresh raindrops can give you a “summer cold”. The cold falls on your head, your shoulders and you feel it’s refreshing, you dress little and it creeps inside your body, into your lungs and throat and sinus/nasal cavities.

WHAT to do? don’t sit where the cold-wind blows. bring a scarf to work to cover your neck and shoulders, maybe also your knees. drink some celery juice with ginger in it, to warm up your body. get a massage, some upper back cupping or just take a hot bath/shower to warm up again.

AT THE SAME TIME the heat is still on. DRINK WATER! eat cucumber and watermelon, it has a lot of water inside. avoid heavy meals like red meats, pizza, cheese and have more veggies. have a gaspaccio (cold soup) for dinner.

When you’re overheated you can come see your acupuncturist for cooling down your blood flux, making sure your digestion is working properly and getting rid of that heat headache. a great way to cool down besides drinking water is using eau de cologne or white tiger balm on the forehead, side of the head and in your neck.

have fun during august!