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winter is here

annelies espeel

Winter is here and the holidays are over. We all ate too much or more than we are used to, are out of our regular rhythm. But 2019 resolutions make amends to the previous two weeks and we want our body to get back on track as work/school/regularity starts to flow back into our lives.

From a TCM point of view we are in WINTER, which means we should cherish our KIDNEY energy. we can do so by drinking warm water, ginger tea, cinnamon tea, liquorice tea and eating warm foods such as boiled or mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, kale. Winter is the season where we can eat meat- in moderation. Meat gives you heat or otherwise Yang. Meat choice: lamb, chicken, beef

Lots of people feel more tired and less happy during the cold and the lack of sunlight, for this you can add an orange with cloves in your home, or use the zests of bergamot/mandarine/lemon in essential oil to diffuse at home or your office. It will make you feel less heavy in the mind. In TCM peel/zest of citrus fruits support your spleen and dry damp, make liver qi flow. Which therefore gives less thoracic oppression, sighing, difficult digestion, less stiffness in the morning. Citrus also hold lots of Vitamine C, which enhances immune system, gives you energy, gets rid of mouth sores

essential is taking a good therapeutic massage (tuina, shiatsu, thai massage, fascia massage) and a warm steaming bath/shower to let those pores open up and get rid of toxins.

if you feel like lack of sunlight you can always take Vitamine D or use a light therapy device to put near your workspace.

have fun in the winter, still hoping for more snow to come!