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acupuncture during pregnancy

annelies espeel

hi there,

In this blog is about an indication of frequency of treatment options during pregnancy.

1) prevention-wise come in once a month. this will prevent lots of symptoms during pregnancy and at birth. good qi (energy)  and blood flow, strong jing (essence) is of the utmost importance for you and your baby.

2) from week 37 onwards come in once a week. This to smoothen the labour, make sure you are less stressed.

3)women who got pregnant with IVF/ IUI: come in once a week until week 12 to strengthen your womb, endometrium, and reduce your stress.

4) when you have complaints such as nausea, cold, vertigo, hot flushes, digestive troubles, swollen ankles, allergies... acupuncture definitely helps to reduce/relieve your symptoms, the frequency is depending on your symptoms.

5) baby in breech position from week 34 onwards, come in 1-3 times. there is a 30% chance your baby will turn without need of too much manipulation or even fear of having a c-section done.

IMPORTANT: when you know you are pregnant: ALWAYS tell your therapist, masseur ! they should be aware because some points can cause problems. 

the spark in the machine-- book review

annelies espeel

I recently read this book by  dr Daniel Keown "the spark in the machine or How science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine" published in 2014. 

To be honest I recommend every health practitioner and medical field related person to read this book. It's comprehensive and to the point.

It explains acupuncture through embryology and fascia and bio-energetic nodules. It makes acupuncture a little less weird for medical staff who have had no training with other traditional medicine.